Artist Bio


Walker Tex is a Singer/Songwriter currently producing and reimagining some classics as well as offering his unique take on one or two modern masterpieces. Heavily influenced by both Grunge and 70's Folk, Walker Tex has blended this with vocal style and building soundscapes into the covers he works on. At 31 years old Walker Tex has came into his own with the creativity and vision in mind on the work he produces. The first release was a very intimate affair, with soothing yet rough vocals and a heavy bass infused guitar track the debut cover "If I Go, I'm Goin" gace the listener a calming yet great feel of the works to come. Fast forward to today and you can hear the progression. Walker Tex states this is a journey and you are all invited for the ride. Having gained and massed an online presence over the last year, we can expect a lot more. From Concepts to videos to some amazing artwork in the pipeline, Walker Tex is a creative through and through. You can head over to his Instagram page to enjoy some of these concepts and covers. Later this year will mark a significant change in direction as he progresses to original material. With dark lyrics mixed with Folk guitar and a host of experiments with instruments blended in. Currently working on original material with Malleus Incus Stapes, the duo are set to create some amazing songs over the coming months. Watch this space .