Artist Bio


Most outlaws are bad. The best outlaws are rebel heroes of the people. 

I am Walker Tex Scottish Born Singer Songwriter, Over the last few years I embarked on a journey. A Journey to find my sound, my voice and my passion. Starting out with a few covers and making my way towards a darker country folk style genre. I became a singer/songwriter to get my emotions and experience on paper through storytelling.

The art of using music to connect is an old one and you can feel it in you when you play. 
 My influences evolved from an eclectic taste, from the grunge heroes of the 90's to the southern style rock of the 70s. If you like the darker side of life or quite simply need to listen to someone who has lived in that darkness and feels those emotions and may be in the right place. 
 The current sound is a fine balance of grunge vocals and old school southern country. A dark yet upbeat at times melody mixed in with the reality of our troubled minds.

 Features on Rogue Country FM, Beyond Radio, Gippsland FM, KFUG and many more. The sound of Walker Tex is travelling and just like an old time rambler... well I ain't stopping. 


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